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United Way of South Mississippi adheres to strict brand guidelines in accordance with United Way World Wide. These logos are made available to the media, workplace campaign participants, and partner agencies. Only agencies who are funded through United Way may use the logos with their materials. Please review guidelines below before using the logo. United Way of South Mississippi reserves the right to request revisions in printed and online materials when branding guidelines are not followed. 



Please use the following fonts in all materials:

Color palette 
The United Way color palette is comprised of colors used in the United Way logo. Below are the specifications for reproducing the United Way colors in a variety of ways.

United Way

Pantone: 287
C: 100 M: 74 Y:0 K:0
R: 16 G:22 B:127

United Way
Light Blue

 Pantone: 287 at 52%
C: 55 M: 40 Y:0 K:0
R: 124 G:129 B:184

United Way

Pantone: 179
C: 0 M: 85 Y: 89 K:0
R: 254 G:35 B:10

United Way

Pantone: 143
C: 0 M: 34 Y: 86 K:0
R: 255 G:150 B:0

United Way’s expanded color palette

Organization name 

Our preffered name in print is "United Way of South Mississippi." In all written documents, always use the name in its entirety when referring to the organization the first time. After that, all subsequent references in the same document may be used as "United Way." However, if it is absolutely necessary to abbreviate, "UWSM" is acceptable.  


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