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United Way strives to improve the quality of life in South Mississippi by focusing on creating measurable outcomes in the areas of education, health and financial stability.  Our goal is to create long-lasting changes that prevent problems from happening in the first place.  We invite you to join the thousands of South Mississippians who have already committed to LIVE UNITED by investing in our community, by speaking up for the issues that matter, and by volunteering to help others.  Together, we can make South Mississippi's tomorrows brighter today!


To rally resources, collaboratives and leadership to improve the quality of life in South Mississippi.


To improve outcomes in education, health and income for everyone in South Mississippi by giving children and families the tools and support they need to thrive in our community.

Our Operating Principles

1. UWSM is the most trustworthy, efficient, and effective steward of donor contributions on the MS Gulf Coast based on statistics (outputs) and outcomes.

2. UWSM's campaign effort has community-wide participation and develops and retains loyal donors.

3. UWSM is recognized as a catalyst, convener or facilitator for collaboration that will identify solutions to solve our most pressing community needs.

4. UWSM coordinates a volunteer effort that provides significant value to our community's nonprofits and potential volunteers and serves as a model for the state of Mississippi.

5. UWSM staff is a dynamic, efficient, effective learning organization with model operational, ethical, and accountability standards.

6. Every member of the UWSM Board is knowledgeable, actively engaged, and committed to the work of UWSM.

7. UWSM represents the nonprofit sector and consistently informs the public and private sector about the importance of nonprofits and building partnerships between all sectors.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement 




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