Where Does Your Money Go?

Where does your money go when you give to United Way?  It goes right back into the communities you live, work and play in!  That's because when you donate to UWSM, 99% of every donation given stays HERE in South Mississippi? And, for every $1 that you give to education, $7 is reinvested back into this community!

That's right, those donated dollars multiply. If you combine the value of the grant and donor dollars that UWSM invests into community impact programs, the funds that are saved by South Mississippians through our Earned Income Tax Credit and Familywize Prescription Drug Discount Programs, and then factor in the countless volunteer service hours and products generated through our Volunteer Center, the value of United Way is nearly 5x what donors invest. THAT'S the power of LIVING UNITED.

Check out our Donor Report to see the many ways that your donated dollars are making an impact on the quality of life in South Mississippi. Also, please feel free to check out our most recent 990 for a comprehensive account of UWSM's financial accountability.

By helping children find success at the earliest possible age, we have an opportunity to stop problems before they begin. UWSM Community Impact Grants invest in programs to ensure that children enter school ready to learn and are reading on grade level by the end of the third grade.

Click here to see how United Way's trained volunteers decide where to invest your donation.