Holly's Story

Holly came to Moore Community House seeking help from a difficult life circumstance. Through Moore Community House, she and her son have been able to turn their lives around. Now she's advocating for their incredible programs like Women in Construction, which provides support for women students who, like her, come to attain certifications in construction. The Women in Construction Program is designed to train low-income women for careers in the construction trades. The mission of this program is to create a climate across the Mississippi Gulf Coast enabling women to pursue careers which will earn wages to promote self sufficiency with the construction field.

Besides helping to provide well-paying jobs to the region's low income women, it helps to meet the industry's demand for a trained workforce on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Women in Construction Program exposes women to apprenticeship and nontraditional career pathways that meet the demands of the construction and advance industry in Mississippi. The MCH Early Headstart Program provides early childhood and comprehensive health and family support services to low income families, as well as support for teen parents. By doing so, we open up opportunities for low income parents to work and go to school, while at the same time offering valuable learning experiences for their children. The MCH Child Care Food Program provides each enrolled child with nutritious food and supports nutrition education. Our Comprehensive Family Services counselors assess the specific needs of individual families and then develop a holistic approach that responds directly to those needs. Our Expectant Mothers Program offers parenting training and gives expectant mothers experience with toddlers and infants. Following birth, MCH works with the mother and child over a three year journey of positive development. Finally, MCH helps build relationships between women and employers through Employment and Training Referrals for parents of children in our Early Headstart program.

Together, these programs offer our families the support they need to break the cycle of poverty. Moore Community House Website: http://www.moorecommunityhouse.org/