Familywize Perscription Drug Discount Program

Familywize Perscription Drug Discount Program

IT’S FREE. This is a free resource from the FamilyWize community service partnership. Use this FamilyWize card to start saving money on your prescription drugs today.

IT’S EASY. Simply present your card and prescription to a participating pharmacy to obtain the discounted price. You always receive the lower of the discounted price or the pharmacy’s retail price.

YOU CAN SAVE. This card can save you and your family 30% or more on 8 out of 10 prescriptions.  In South Mississippi alone, it has saved over $634,000 since 2010!

NO RESTRICTIONS. Use this card as often as you need, for any prescription, for everyone in your family. There is no income limit, age or eligibility requirement, or registration needed.


  • Anyone who does not currently have health insurance
  • Anyone who does not have prescription coverage
  • Anyone who is purchasing a medication not covered by their insurance
  • Accepted nationwide by most pharmacies for all prescriptions not covered by insurance.


How the discount card works 

Familywize Frequently Asked Questions

Participating Pharmacies