Parker's Success Story

Parker packed her four children, including 18-month-old Avery, into her car and drove from Texas to Mississippi.  She didn't know where she was going or how they would get there, but she knew it was time to leave the abusive relationship she'd been caught in.  She knew that she and her children all deserved a better life.

Parker decided to take control of her life and her family's future, so she hit the highway and headed towards Mississippi knowing just one person: Veronica.  Parker and her little family moved in with Veronica, where the six of them shared Veronica's one bedroom apartment.  Veronica suggested that Parker call Moore Community House for help, so Parker did!  She contacted the MCH family service worker in hopes of enrolling her child, and thankfully a spot was soon available.


Another blessing that came from Parker's move was the job she found at a local printing company.  Having a steady income and a place where Parker's family is cared for has been a wonderfully positive development in all of their lives.  She is appreciative of everything that MCH has done for her, and now she can work knowing that Avery is receiving quality childcare that will set her up for a successful future.  But Parker and her family aren't stopping there!  Her next goal is to find her own place that she and her children can live in together.  Parker also strives to soon get health insurance for her children so that they can all be prepared for whatever life throws their way.  



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