Thanks to everyone who participated in the 4th Annual CEO Talent Show!

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Audience members got a chance to judge for themselves which CEOs have a future in show business and who should stick to their day jobs Thursday night. Business leaders from across South Mississippi revealed their hidden talents at United Way of South Mississippi's fourth annual CEO Talent Show at the Hard Rock Casino.

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They're off. And if the Pacesetters of this United Way campaign are any indication, we're going to dig deep and give generously to help South Mississippi's children..

The 13 Pacesetters raised more than $470,000, putting the United Way more than a third of the way toward its $1.4 million goal, according to Ya'Frica Edwards, United Way's director of resource development.

That's pretty amazing considering the campaign kicked off Aug. 28 -- the day before Isaac made landfall and drenched the Coast.

UWSM's Hurricane Preparation Tips


1. Follow the advice of local emergency management officials.
2. Keep a full tank of gas.
3. Take proper items with you when you evacuate, such as a First Aid kit, maps, prescriptions, jumper cables, nonperishable food & water for 72 hours, and extra clothing.
4. Prepare your home. Unplug computers, lamps, radios, TVs, toasters, microwaves. Set freezers & refrigerators to coldest settings. Close & lock doors and windows.

2012 Community Assessment Report

The objective of the Community Assessment Summary Report is to provide a deeper understanding of the issues relevant to the six coastal counties of Mississippi (Hancock, Harrison, George, Jackson, Pearl River, and Stone) within the context of the current environment at the state and national levels. It may be used by organizations and businesses that care about South Mississippi and want to focus their resources on ways to improve lives in their community.



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Thirteen businesses are serving as pacesetters for the 2019 giving campaign of United Way of South Mississippi, which uses donor dollars to improve the overall quality of life in its service...

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