Happy Independence Day!

The fourth of July is a great time of year in all parts of our country. Here on the coast, we are blessed with gorgeous annual firework displays in clear dark skies over still beach waters. In celebrating our countries Independence and honoring those who valiantly fought for our freedom, take a minute to brush up on some July 4th trivia, courtesy of


Volunteer of the Month Spotlight!

For this month, United Way would like to recognize our very own VISTAs as our Volunteers of the Month! Kasey Carta, James Rivenbark, Letesha Clarke and Lindsey Martin have gone above and beyond their call of duty. VISTA, an AmeriCorps program, stands for Volunteer in Service to America. These dedicated individuals have committed to serve full-time for a year with UWSM to help build capacity and fight poverty.

VISTA Employment Opportunities Now Available at UWSM

What is an Americorp VISTA?  A Volunteer In Service To America!  We currently host three VISTAs at UWSM, and are seeking two more.  Through this national Americorp program, each VISTA member makes a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on a specific project at a nonprofit organization or public agency.  In return for their service, AmeriCorps VISTA members receive a modest living allowance and hea